America currently has thirteen states with laws allowing Medicinal Marijuana use- thirteen states in as many years! At this exciting rate, we might see a Medicinal Marijuana law gracing my home, the Lonestar State, in the next… well, crap- the next 37 years. Texas has one of the strongest punishments for simple possession charges- a few grams to a pound can net you six months to two years in jail, a 2,000 to 10,000 dollar fine, and, for good measure, you’ll never be able to receive a student loan.

Of course, at the moment, Medicinal Marijuana is the only option for those who wish to imbibe cannabis in a legal manner. But is Medicinal Marijuana, and its completely different little brother, Marinol (Prescribe-able Synthetic THC), just another Decriminalization? While at first glance those of us who advocate the legalization of marijuana might get excited at the idea of decriminalization, it’s not quite so enthusing when examined closer.

Decriminalization means that possessing and using marijuana is still illegal, but police do not enforce the law any longer. In affect, it’s the government waving its finger at you with a cheeky grin on its large, empty face. However, this idea completely misses the potential of marijuana as a legal industry. Hemp, which under current laws is lumped in with marijuana, has nearly boundless potential in American industry. After all, George Washington called for us to “make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.”

Only with legalization can these potentials be explored. The illegal marijuana industry explores marijuana’s ability to get you high. The medicinal marijuana industry explores its ability to heal. Industrial Hemp (which does not produce a high) explore its productive aspects. Only with legalization can all of marijuana’s potential be studied.

It seems like Medicinal Marijuana is having some mis-regulation blues, with many dispensaries operating illegally due to confusion with each state, and as in California’s case, each local government’s policies on regulation. In Cali, you see, regulation is left up to local governments. That means that Hickville, CA may make it a bit convoluted and difficult while Mary Jay, CA lays everything down in clear, bold print.

What we need, and what we need now, is Federal action. The Obama administration need to clearly lay out Medicinal Marijuana laws and stop their continuation of the Bush administrations policy of raiding dispensaries.

On a rather personal note to myself (since this is a personal blog)- Clayton, you need to read up on spiritualism and marijuana! You know absolutely nothing about it, so rectify that! Go to the damn library!


      In my life I habitually notice a concerning flaw in myself.  In conversation, I tend to self-aggrandize.  I start conversations about topics that I’m knowledgeable on in order to impress others with my brilliance.  Obviously, and I must make this point before I offend any potential readers, there is some risk that I use this blog, which in itself is a natural medium for all of us Soap-Box-Shouters, as an opportunity to sound smarter than I actually am.  Rather than do this, I am setting a few ground rules for myself.  

      First.  This blog’s main purpose is to catalogue my experiments, past, present and future alike.  These experiments, as I’ve coined them, have primarily to do with various illegal substances.  Within this classification, I will be focusing most heavily upon marijuana.  I am a new user.  My experiences with this drug, however, are at least a little unique from other’s experiences.  

      My name is Clayton.  I’m twenty years old.  I attend community college.  Three months ago I planned on transferring to an Engineering program at the state university.  I then wanted to attend graduate school, get a good job, and climb the corporate ladder.  If I felt adventurous, I might even make the move to start my own engineering firm!  As the past-tense verbs have been implying, I no longer want that life.  I am convinced that I never did want that life.  Now I am taking active steps away from that life.  The first of these was marijuana.

      I was a good citizen.  I never self medicated, rather, I let my doctors do the medication.  Two suicide attempts, two SSRIs and two SNRIs (The two most prevelant forms of antidepressants) later I decided that I really needed to try something a little different.  After all, wrecking your car, even if it’s on purpose, raises your insurance rates.  And the charcoal the hospital makes you drink when you’ve had a few to many happy pills?  Rubbish. 

      So here it is put simply.  This blog will chronicle my adventure with marijuana used primarily for medicinal purposes in the treatment of either Major Depressive Disorder or Bipolar Disorder.  I’ve been officially diagnosed with the first by a psychiatrist, and tentatively diagnosed as the second by a therapist.  Along the way, there may be some side tracking.  After all, I didn’t abandon my hopes and dreams in this life once I started smoking.  So let’s see how it goes.

      I may end up somewhere amazing.  Isn’t that just such a great feeling?